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in exchange for his soul, the witch gave 8 numbers.

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4/9/24: consolidated a few pages, namely moving the kaomoji page to /interesting and removed /fave because there's really only one picture in there i desperately feel needs to be shared. also added a short story by a friend to /interesting

2/29/24: another index page overhaul ☆彡 and code cleaning etc. also happy leap year!

2/26/24: finally added some links to 'cool sites' aka sites that i'm fond of but maybe we aren't mutuals etc. (debating coalescing this into one section because who cares about the concept of mutuals on neocities lbr) after months of saying i'd do that and not doing it lol. reorganized links page. added a bookshelf page (will likely fiddle with this coding more though). and i finally am experimenting with how to break up the perfume page so it isn't just so much reading at once. might make each one a smaller entry that you click on for my impressions after reading the notes if you want to do that, idk. long changelog entry for a lot of small changes lol

1/24/24: decided to center the pages. wasn't so bad looking at the site on my laptop but on a large monitor it kind of strains my neck lol

1/15/24: changed the video on /interesting and have been updating the /perfume page a little bit since i got some new samples i've been testing. also added a new scan to /scans!

12/28/23: finally fixed people's buttons and added the ones i'd been meaning to for a while!

12/26/23: moved the organization of the links page around a bit. added a perfume collection page! made the text files html files because they hurt my eyes to look at for too long. oops. hoping to add peoples buttons soon but i just don't feel like going and grabbing them right now, sorry guys.

12/13/23: i'm not actually sure when this site layout update will make it onto neocities - got a lot of tweaking to do in the meantime and some files to clear out-but i've changed things up a lot again. happy with how the site is moving forward - definitely more interested in keeping the site as a collection of thoughts rather than just a graphics archive. anyway, i've also added a few new pages!

11/21/23: over the course of the past week i've made a few more adjustments, mostly involving making the text legible on mobile because, surprise, turns out i do actually value being able to look at my site on the go (lol) and i also added a kaomoji page and a photography page.

11/13/23: oops it's another landing page overhaul. i just can't seem to like anything i do with it. i've also added the umineko and sonic shrines and moved my external site i was using to blog/journal to bearblog. also, i added some of my mutuals'/neighbors' buttons to the site links! :]

10/5/23: finally added a new page to the site: a list of music i own physically. i also redid the about page and my main css which reflects in the link page and the stamp heaven page. honestly i'll probably redo this landing page too, i feel way out of my depth when i go to edit things. oops. in the meantime, i am trying to use my second site lyctor more for light blogging/musing/etc..

8/2/23: did the center image yaaay (aka found a f2u beach image and photoshopped the hell out of it)

8/2/23: i forgot to say it when i did the overhaul but i re-overhauled everything again. i'd like to redo the button and also make the little center image (the spot where kamille from gundam is presently giving you a reassuring thumbs up) next, although who knows when that'll happen.

7/24/23: finally made a button! i also decided to use another external site for my blog/musings/etc. so i made a button for that as well. i'm not as happy with the sunny apples one, but it's nice to at least have one.

7/19/23: yume nikki mini-diary/shrine/collection is now up! links -> yume nikki. still wip-y but i'm glad to have the framework done.

7/13/23: stamp heaven is live! site links -> stamp heaven to see the page. note some stamps are gifs and may include flashing, although i didn't include any that i felt were especially egregious with the eyestrain.

7/10/23: finally figured out how external stylesheets work. next up is links page + hopefully a button.

7/9/23: the resources page is officially up but is a major major wip.

7/7/23: finished the major blog overhaul + got an about page up.

albums i'm digging

3/25/24: ketamine girl by akiaura x LONOWN. crystal castles fans come get y'alls juice

2/29/24: hybrid theory by linkin park. this album will always go hard idec. rip chester

2/13/24: RAT WARS by HEALTH. godddd this album rocks, especially when listening chronologically. the transition of hateful into (of all else) is incredible.

1/24/24: plastic death by glass beach. no idea what genre this is but it rocks

12/28/23: urchin's self-titled album. fun trip hop-y massive attack-esque album.

12/26/23: bowery electric's self-titled album.

12/13/23: kindred by burial. been on a real future garage kick lately

my extended blog is over on bearblog to avoid the hassle of dealing with html formatting where longform content is concerned. dive into the sea?